We all got LOGO TATTOOS!

Bittercube Bitters


Bittercube Bitters slow crafts bitters using all natural ingredients, and no extracts of any kind. Hailing from Milwaukee and Minneapolis, Bittercube has been in the craft cocktail industry since 2009. Bittercube needed to elevate their brand to match the quality and sophistication of their products, philosophy, and team. And once they saw the new logo, every one of ‘em had a new tattoo!

Bittercube banner image


Early in the research and brand strategy phase of this project, we decided that it would be ideal to maintain the individual elements of the original ID if at all possible. The dropper and cube of bitters nearly phonetically spelled out the brand name and always kept the hand-crafted feel front and center. With Bittercubeā€™s passion for true craftsmanship and commitment to producing their bitters by hand, with care, we saw an opportunity to apply the same ideas to their rebrand.

Airbel logo


The Bittercube website was a clear reflection of their new brand and identity. We were able to showcase clear messaging and visuals to match the brand. The recipe functionality brought to life a large repertoire of excellent recipes and provided the client a toolset to manage an ever-growing data set. If you are thirsty... Check it out!

Bittercube website image