Europe, India, China: Developers for days...



Google Developer Days is a multi-location web developer conference showcasing the latest and greatest in web tech and developer tools from the geniuses at Google. Three epic events hosted thousands of entrepreneurs, disruptors, and developers from across the globe. Two to three days of exciting inside info, technical talks, and hands-on learning were carefully curated in Krakow, Bangalore, and Beijing. From the identity design to every pillow and drink ticket, every detail was carefully designed by Ocupop.

Branding & Event Design

Inspired by the idea of building together, the identity for these diverse developer events was based in the concept of building blocks... allowing us to create a system that was extensible across three continents. Using primary shapes and the classic Google colors, we echoed landscapes from their native lands as well as providing an element of celebration and whimsy with the developer symbols playfully interacting as confetti. This concept was successfully applied across digital and physical mediums alike creating an exciting and inspiring energy for all to enjoy.

Videos & Animations

Ocupop designed video assets and created several animations to help bring the event to life and add motion and visual effects that complimented the overarching brand as well as each event's unique qualities.