Here's your chance to find out everything you ever wanted to know about Ocupop...get all your questions answered while more than doubling your recommended daily allowance of interweb vitamin-V (voyeryism). Like a myspace page that won't melt your eyeballs.


Enough of us blowing sunshine, let’s have some of our clients do the heavy lifting for a bit…

“I still love the site and it proves to have tested time in terms of fashion and design. Everyone that comes across it remarks on it’s individuality in the overly saturated market of Twin Cities florist websites and once they meet me, how much it reflects what I do and who I am. You guys nailed it. I’m still proud of what it puts out there for me and the image it gives me before I actually meet someone in person. My business is moving in a different direction slightly and it still will work once I change the images a little bit and push what new things I want to do. So, basically I love you guys for what you’ve given me. I said it when you finished it, but you gave me what I didn’t even know what I wanted.”

– Kitty Costello, Rosa Designs

“Working with Ocupop for the past 5 years has not only been a totally satisying experience, it has actually been fun and I’ve learned a ton. Being accountants we are much better at numbers than we are at the visual and design element of business. Going through the process of choosing an identity could have been a stressful ordeal, but Ocupop was ready for the challenge. The level of personalized service, tailored to who we are as people, helped both of us feel comfortable with the process and absolutely thrilled with the results. Our ongoing relationship with Ocupop has never let us down and each design project we throw at them is met with skill and enthusiasm. I get complimented on our website and materials constantly. In fact, I always joke that if Ocupop hadn’t done such a great job with our design I wouldn’t be so busy all the time!”

– Alyssa Fox, Fox Tax Service

“In this media-overloaded era, it’s difficult to set yourself apart from the competition. Ocupop stands apart from theirs by taking a personal interest in discovering what makes yours unique. It’s hard to find people who care as much about your business as you do. With Ocupop, we found professionals who not only personally care about each project and product they create, but more importantly, they never forget the overall goal: the success and image of their clients.”

– Mark Fox, Fox Tax Service

“Responsiveness. Insight. And technological virtuosity. This is how we’d describe web-related services that Ocupop has provided our clients. When we need a change on a site, it is often made the same day, night, or the next business day – that’s responsiveness. The Ocupop team has knowledge and insight in all forms of new media and they are up to date on how the search engines search, and how they are changing. Ocupop builds sites that are easy to navigate, pleasant to view and read, and they’ve provided tutorials so our clients can update themselves if they desire.”

– Mark Hendrickson, The Wingra Group

“Michael and Jeff are genius one and genius two.

Genius 1 : Michael has the incredible patience and ability to sift through a barrage of information to find the essence of what one does and make it a mark. In this case I make pictures and admittedly I tend to get a little sidetracked. ?I imagine it wasn’t easy to wrestle that simple essence of my work out of the buckets of images and thoughts I threw at him but ultimately he really helped me find my voice. Once he helped me identify that essence in a logo we moved on to the website which evolved organically from that design root. Despite my best efforts to put too many words into a visual site, Michael helped me focus my broad photographic experience into a website that is easy to navigate and is built on his strong, simple graphic design that tells my story straight up.

Genius 2 : Jeff holds all of the binary puppet strings. I tried on several occasions to move us in the direction of a site that would have been unruly and complex in architecture and functionality. Jeff pulled me back into reality and helped me see what a website should do : communicate. He and Michael worked seamlessly together on creating a clean design and a flawless computer architecture to support it. Jeff put my imagery into play like a master, making all of the complexities of navigation look easy. I hope in my unbridled efforts to endorse Jeff’s talents I’ve made myself sound reasonably intelligent…in the end I really have no idea what Jeff does because I’m not that smart. I just know my site functions flawlessly and that’s a comfort I’ll pay for.

Ocupop Rocks!”

– Eric Melzer, Eric Melzer Photography

“I first heard about Michael from my super hip assistant, Anne, who said Ocupop was “amazing”. And simply, they were, and are completely and utterly and totally amazing. Mike took our scattered and disorganized ideas, photos and windy text and made our business look focused, planful and organized. We were all those things, but unable express them intelligently. Mike has style– unhurried meetings, thoughtful questions, big writing and editing skills, and patience– that enables allows him to dive into a business and produce a site that will make your business shine in ways even you the owner cannot see.

Staying power and dependability. It’s been three years since we started working with Ocupop, and Mike is always available to answer questions and help us with new ideas and web changes. Turn around time –on anything–is always speedy and well done.”

– Susan Moore, Moore & Associates

“Ocupop gave us great insight and suggestions to fine tune and clean up our messaging and branding for Trek Travel. They have been awesome to work with, very flexible, fun and knowledgeable – we love working with them. Michael took the time to get to know and understand our business, our clients and the crew at Trek Travel so that he could offer the best solutions. He asked thought provoking questions to get us really thinking about who we are and what we want to say.”

– Tania Worgull, Trek Travel