Here's your chance to find out everything you ever wanted to know about Ocupop...get all your questions answered while more than doubling your recommended daily allowance of interweb vitamin-V (voyeryism).


What is Ocupop? We’re not entirely sure honestly… Are we Creatives? Graphic designers? Web designers? Maybe web developers? Commercial artists? Trend-spotters? Branding experts? Fashionistas? Computer nerds – Definitely.

We are, simply speaking, a small shop, with all of the benefits and pit-falls therein. You see what you get; no account executives, no receptionists, no bagels or coffee. In fact, none of us even drink coffee most of us don’t even drink coffee. (Jeff does love a good schmear on occasion).

Regardless, if you are looking for switchboards, hold music, synergy, ideation, and enough buzz-words to fill a conference room, we’re probably not the ONE. But, if you love what you do and are proud of your company, your product and your employees, chances are we might fit right in. We thrive on relationships of mutual respect, commitment and enjoyment – with our clients, our collaborators and each other; for nearly eight years, we have left a wake of satisfied customers and quality work in our path…so drop us a line, because we’re Ocupop, and that’s two O’s, two P’s and YOU! …see that is the sort of shit we’re talking about, brilliant!

  • Brand Strategy – Message Strategy, Positioning, Planning
  • Naming – Research, Brain-Storming, Analysis, Development
  • Identity – Logo Design And Development, Business Cards, Stationary, Usage Guidlines, etc.
  • Marketing & Advertising – Strategy, Copy Writing, Art Direction, Catalogs, Brochures, Print Design, Signage, Presentations, Magazine, Newspaper, and Web Advertisments
  • Web Design – Brochure To Enterprise, Databases, Flash, CMS, Blogs, etc.
  • Interiors/environments – Artwork, Trade Show Materials, Space Planning, Merchandising, Fixture and Furniture Design
  • Creative Knick-Knackery – Everything else…and more!

The Team

  • Michael Nieling Founder & Creative Director

    Michael Nieling is a designer, educator, father, and dog owner. He is the Creative Director at Ocupop and also teaches logo design at MIAD. Splitting time between Hawaii, Colorado, and Wisconsin, if he’s not on an airplane, he’s likely somewhere shouting about design.

  • Jeff Hamlett Founder & Technology Director

    Jeff Hamlett is a founding Designer, Developer, and Footwear Enthusiast at Ocupop. He spends his free time in Madison, WI tending to his beard, child, and his mutt Gehry.

  • Laura Waldman Content Strategist

    Laura Waldman is an animal lover, like everyone else here. She has worked in marketing and project management for a litigation software firm since graduating from Wisconsin-Madison, go Badgers! She loves writing, tennis, traveling, strategizing and above all snuggling with her coonhound Maverick.

  • Lorry O’Loughlin Content Strategist

    Lorry O’Loughlin is a content strategist and consultant for Ocupop. Her home base is Oahu, but her love of hiking, camping, and road tripping keeps her travelling regularly. She enjoys cooking and drinking red wine, preferably at the same time. Her background is mainly in renewable energy and she is most passionate about living a healthy, positive, sustainable lifestyle.

  • Aubrey YeeContent Strategist

    Aubrey Yee is a writer and consultant for Ocupop. She lives in Kaneohe on Oahu where she was born and raised. After several extended stints to the continent and other countries she realized Hawaii really is the best place on earth. A serial entrepreneur, she is also pursuing a PhD in Alternative Futures. Her days are spent happily writing, photographing, surfing and hanging out with her 3 dogs, baby and husband.

  • Nicole Rogers Content Strategist

    Nicole Rogers is a writer and “intense person”. Living in New York for the last decade, she worked in television production, wrote about health and fitness, and eventually started her own company. She recently relocated to Wisconsin to be a grown up. Her free time is spent growing food, cooking, and traveling with her beloved husband and dog.

  • Cory Shaw Usability, Design, and Internet Marketing Engineer

    Cory Shaw, founder and sole designer and developer at User Kind, is a web developer, usability engineer, and author of the AppifyWP WordPress template. Cory lives in Hawaii, where he enjoys surfing and spending time with his wife and daughter.

  • Abby Rose LindstromArt Director

    Abby is a graphic designer who happens to also be an illustrator, print maker, salsa maker, and beginning gardener. She graduated from the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design in 2012 and has now started her real adult life. She currently resides in a lovely yellow house with her over-sized cat Yoda, and four roommates in Milwaukee.

  • Chris Walker Art Director

    A native to the Midwest, Chris Walker is a designer, lettering artist, and habitual over-thinker. He rides his BMX bicycle from time to time, and is known to get loud when his blood alcohol content rises. His dog, Cash, has a killer brindle and loves to lick everyone at the Milwaukee studio on a daily basis.

  • Grace Blevins Art Director

    Raised by two graphic designers in the Chicago-suburbs, Grace grew up with Prismacolors, Letraset press-type and Pantone swatch books. When Grace isn’t working, you can find her biking around Milwaukee or playing with her nieces and nephews.

  • Nick Krusick

    Nick Krusick Art Director

    Nick Krusick is a designer, camera nerd, and proud ‘fun-uncle’ of 3. It seems he never grew out of the skateboarding phase, and has been filming Milwaukee skateboarders since he was 16 years old. Nick is an avid collector of mid-90’s Toyotas and mid-70’s upper lip hair.

  • Tom Beck Engineer

    Tom Beck finds balance by moving around a lot. Keep your eyes open… he may be coming to a town near you. He is a co-founder and lead developer of MenuMill.

  • Jake Albaugh

    Jake Albaugh Developer

    Jake is a front end developer that tries to get involved in every aspect of a project. He has a background in graphic design and also loves those nerdy server side things. You can find some of his no-cupop work at He writes music but not the kind you make a living off of. He doesn’t have any pets, but would love to have a giant dog. Jake lives in Chicago and is ready for rural life whenever it is an option.

Collaborators, Contributors, and Friends