New Game

The New Game Conference in San Francicso is an opportunity for game designers and developers to harness the power of HTML5 and take their games to the next level. Ocupop’s work for the event ran the table, beginning with the gritty token-inspired logo pulled straight from an arcade floor. The textured, two-sided mark looks the part for serious fun and games business, and makes its impression on t-shits, stickers and more.

The event signage and web site all live in a world of game designer concept art, with hand drawn illustrations that reference some of the golden era of arcade games as well as some more modern classics. Event participants are greeted by a giant spaceship on the convention hall doors as they walk into a game-driven world. To complete the immersive experience, the vertically-scrolling web site incorporates a multi-layered background that moves in parallax behind the illustrations like a classic 2-D video game.

What are you waiting for? Put your token up and get your New Game on!

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Disciplines: Brand Strategy, Identity, Marketing & Advertising, Web Design

New Game

The New Game Real Time Strategy: Confident, creative action at all levels.Sometimes work is play: Visual inspiration spans game generations from board to video and beyond.The (game) world is round, from mashable buttons to pocketable tokens.A simple shape has multiple meanings: Developers can create award-winning games and bank some coin.Rough concepts add dimension and definition to the initial token shape.The final New Game mark is two-sided. One represents the conference itself, the other the face value of HTML5.Concept art illustrations inspired by classic (and modern classic) video games help create a vibrant world on both 2-D screens and 3-D life.The New Game web site scrolls vertically, with a multilayered background that moves in parallax behind the illustrations. Super, Mario!Eventgoers were urged to show their old school arcade swagger. Rise to the challenge and put your token up!Multicolored tablecloths raise Breakout sessions to a whole new level.Cloud computing, Kirby-style.You never get a second chance to make a first impression from another dimension.Event staffers rockin’ the New Game gear. Gotta look sharp!The future of online gaming, HTML5, was showcased throughout the conference.The New Game token in action on the podium. Someone brought the extra HTML5 sticker love too!